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Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. manufactures and supplies a range of steel elevator wire rope, hoist ropes with characteristics of flexibility and high traction properties for a safe and smooth jerk-free movement over the pulley. Steel rope manufactured at our facilities, are rigorously tested against stringent safety benchmarks. The quality of material is paramount as this is crucial to ensure a consistent performance under load conditions. Wire ropes used for rolling over the pulleys are constructed from softer wires for the peripheral strands to overcome cyclic stress.

BWR takes pride in having a clientele comprising of internationally renowned Original Equipment manufacturers in the elevator manufacturing industry. BWR have a pan India presence and a distribution network spread across the globe. We look forward to forging lasting partnerships in the elevator industry. We also specialize in manufacture of wire ropes with natural fiber core.

Some applications of our Steel wire rope products for elevators:

  • drive wire rope
  • governor wire rope
  • hoist wire rope
  • redundancy based safety wire ropes
Product NoProduct Name
42 INDIROPE - 619S + FC
6x19S (9-9-1)
43 INDIROPE - 625F + FC
6x25F (12-6F + 6-1)
44 INDIROPE - 819S + FC
8x19S (9-9-1)
8x19S (9-9-1)
8x19S + 8x7+FC