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Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. continuously strives to deliver high quality high performance products in the mining sector in India and across the globe. We have a diversified DGMS (Director General of Mines safety) certified product range, that meets some of the most stringent safety standards. BWR offers a wide range of products for your mining applications like hoist, balance, haulage, guide and conveyor wire rope. We also offer drag-line wire ropes and shovel hoist ropes. Our team of in-house experts can help you decide the best product offerings and help you with regards to enhancing your operational capabilities.

BWR makes use of state of the art manufacturing processes and stringent safety standards. Our wire rope offerings in the Mining sector are characterized by a ‘Built to last’ paradigm. Bharat Wire Ropes offers wire rope and allied products for a multitude of mining applications.

Surface & Underground Mining applications:

  • Hoist rope
  • Drag rope
  • Shaft ropes
  • Drum hoists
Product NoProduct Name
6x7 (6-1)
6x7 (6-1)
8 INDIROPE - Class636+FC
Class 6x36
9 INDIROPE - Class636+IWRC
Class 6x36
10 INDIROPE - Class837S+IWRC
Class 8x37S (12-12-6F-6-1)