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Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. is proud to present itself as a leading wire rope manufacturer and supplier in India and across the world. We have a strong and ever expanding presence in the Oil and Gas sector. The wire ropes produced at our state of the art manufacturing plants possess unmatched strength, corrosion resistance, and high endurance in hostile conditions. Our products are specifically designed and manufactured for the oil and gas sector.

 We strive to meet the stringent quality constraints of the sector. Over the years, our products have come to symbolize performance. Pursuit of excellence is a continuous process for us and it never ends. You can bank on us to meet your needs, when it comes to wire ropes and slings for your Oil and Gas requirements.

We also offer third party inspection services from Lloyds, ABS and DVN.

  • Some applications of our products:
  • Off shore drilling rigs
  • land based drilling rigs
  • Deep sea guide lines
  • Drill stays
Product NoProduct Name
1 INDIROPE - Class636 +FC
Class 6x36
2 INDIROPE - Class636 +IWRC
Class 6x36
3 INDIROPE - Class619 +FC
Class 6x19
4 INDIROPE - Class619 +IWRC
Class 6x19
5 INDIROPE - 357 + WSC
35x7(1-6) + WSC