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Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. is proud to present itself as the leading wire ropes manufacturer in India with a strong presence in the Oil & Gas sector. The ropes produced adhere to the best-in-class quality standards, and possess unmatched strength and high endurance capabilities. Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. has a wide range of wire rope products that comprehensively meet the needs of the vital oil & gas sector in areas that include offshore exploration drilling rigs, offshore winches, offshore cranes, land-based exploration drilling rigs, and oil & gas well servicing. Our high quality wire rope products which undergo strict quality tests at our in-house testing centers will ensure that you can work with complete peace of mind.

Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. has a very extensive wire ropes supplier network, as well as a wide distribution network spanning the entire globe. We also conduct specialized training courses to familiarize your personnel with operational procedures. Moreover, our team of wire rope specialists will always provide you with any required operational assistance.

Sr. NoProduct Name
Class 6x37
Class 6x19
35X7 (1-6) + WSC
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