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Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. offers premium quality solutions for your structural engineering needs. No matter how rigorous and demanding your application may be. We excel at providing superior steel wire rope products for your structural engineering needs. All BWR products are engineered specifically, in close collaboration with some of the most renowned structural engineers in the world. Our extensive range of products, consist of high quality corrosion resistant, Class A Galvanized wire ropes & Stainless Steel wire ropes. BWR products have a great demand in the domestic markets and are exported to international markets as well.

Our testing facilities will ensure that only the best of our structural wire rope products will reach you. All BWR wire rope products are tested against industry set benchmarks. Our evolving quality process and specialists ensure that our stringent quality standards are met.

Some applications of our structural products:

  • Structural support systems
  • Suspension and vertical lift bridges
  • Suspended roof structures
  • Structural and pedestrian foot bridges
  • Mast and tower stays
  • Wind turbine stays
Product NoProduct Name
11 INDIROPE - Class 737
Class 7x37
Spiral Strand
13 INDIROPE - 77 + WSC
7x7 (6-1) + WSC
14 INDIROPE - 719M + WSC
7x19M (12/6-1) + WSC