August 31st, 2017

The 3 Essentials Characteristics of Wire Rope

Wire Rope

Wire Rope

Wire Rope is a strong and flexible medium that transmits mechanical forces, longitudinally.It is an Engineering Application product, fabricated from High Carbon Steel, and Stainless Steel. Steel wire rope scan withstand strong mechanical forces.

Wire Ropes and Slings find a wide array of uses in many industries. This blog post serves to inform of the Essentials in Wire Ropes, Strands and Slings. This post will be part of a series of informative posts that will carry all the essential information a diligent and inquisitive reader desires.
In this post, we intend to touch upon the three basic properties that characterize wire ropes.

Utility of Wire Ropes:
Steel wire ropes are mechanical mediums that withstand and transfer mechanical forces exerted axially and longitudinally.

3 Characteristics of Wire ropes:

1. Strength:
Ruggedness and tensile strength are primary attributes of wire ropes. The strength characteristic of wire ropes is imparted to it on account of its material constitution, construction type, core types, strand count and the manufacturing process employed towards the construction of the wire rope.

2. Flexibility:
The individual wire strands subjected to a stranding process form a unique construct that allows flexibility tolerances within the wire strands, and to an extent within the entire wire rope. This flexibility allows for bending tolerances, bending is again dependant on the core type and material and the wire rope construction itself. Bending is a desired property when it comes to application of wire ropes for drums and sheaves.

3. Consistency:
Steel wire ropes perform consistently, due to the unique and innovate approaches employed in the manufacturing processes.The presence of multiple individual wire and strand components ensures safety in operation. When inspecting wire ropes, there are often visible tell-tale markers of deterioration in the integrity of the wire rope. This deterioration is marked by breakage, kinking, oxidation and other signs of rigorous use and wear related to use in and above the manufacturer prescribed service life of the wire rope. Thus replacing wire ropes after they have run through life cycle, is made easy by their consistent performance.

These are just three basic properties that are intrinsic to this novel manufactured article. We will post many more informative articles in the near future.

This post aims to give a generalist view of the subject and does not serve the purpose of a specialized manual for operations with wire rope. In case you need operational assistance for your specific wire ropes requirements, please feel free to connect with us.

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