September 30th, 2016

Bharat Wire Ropes Limited: Expanding Horizons

A Brief about the Wire Rope Industry:

Bharat Wire Ropes - Manufacturer India

The Wire Ropes industry caters to various sectors including Engineering & Construction, Oil & Gas Wire Ropes, Mining Wire Ropes and the Shipping & Logistics Industry. More than 60% of the demand for wire and ropes stems from the Engineering & Construction segment-elevator ropes, aerial haulage, structural systems, general engineering ropes, etc. The oil and gas industry accounts for 20% of the demand for wire ropes, the mining industry has a share of 10%. Within the oil & gas industry, most of the demand is generated from the offshore segment wherein the anchoring and mooring activity warrants use of different types of ropes.

Why Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd holds an advantage?

Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd has 29 years of experience in the wire rope business with a diversified client base that includes more than 600 large and medium size industries. The clientele list includes the likes of Reliance Infrastructure, Shipping Corporation of India, Indian Railways, and other Government and Semi-Government Organizations. The various sectors that the company caters to includes but not limited to oil & gas, mining, fishing, ports & marine, elevator, power transmission, railways, construction, infrastructure, defense and crane manufacturers. The company has built its reputation on the high quality of its deliverables coupled with the timeliness of delivery. This has enabled Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd to secure rate contracts by certain customers, thereby helping it build long-lasting relationships.



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