October 27th, 2020

Preforming Process in Wire Rope Making

Wire rope is a product made by combining numbers of strands together. As these strands are laid over central core by spinning process, there is a tendency of these strands to open up or unlay. To avoid unlaying, strands are given a pre-helix (permanent deformation) which we call it as a preforming. As name suggest this process of preforming is carried just before the actual formation of the rope.

Preforming not only just improves handling but also the resistance to kinking. It also helps to minimize wire rope’s internal stresses and carry equal amount of force on each strand. Now a days every rope comes with preforming operation carried out unless if non-preformed rope is been asked from the end user. Still depending upon operating characteristics non preformed ropes are been used to some extent.

Preforming head is the tool used to provide the pre helix to the strands in the process of preforming of the wire rope. Various ropes need different amount of preforming depending on its construction. Perfectly preformed rope requires less end seizing compared to the rope of which preforming is not good.

Hence we can say that preforming plays a vital role in buoying wire ropes service life.


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