September 18th, 2017

Wire Rope Slings

What are wire rope slings? It is but natural one may ask this question. Wire rope slings are utility oriented assemblies of wire ropes, used for Lifting hoisting, and rigging with cranes. These are typically fashioned from steel wire ropes, featuring end terminations.

Types of Wire Rope Slings:

Wire Rope Slings - Bharat Wire RopesWire rope slings are manufactured as Single Part, Multipart, and Endless Slings. Wire rope slings are used for Rigging, hoisting, and lifting operations. These types of operations are conventionally seen and used in the Manufacturing industry, Mining, Shipping and industries that utilize cranes for medium and heavy lifting applications. Slings are constructed in many configurations, but primarily almost all wire rope slings are made from wire ropes fashioned from Galvanized or un-galvanized spiral wire strands.

There are some commonly used configurations of wire ropes that are used in the making of wire rope slings because they are widely used and also due to their easy availability and reliability factors. The United States of America, sees a great demand and usage of Wire rope slings across these sections.

Wire rope slings for use in the American industries usually conform to the ASTM(American Society for testing materials) and ASME(American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standards and specifications.

Wire Rope Slings are manufactured in the following types

Single Part Wire Rope Slings:

Single part wire rope slings as the name suggests are fabricated from a single wire rope. Single part wire rope slings are further divided into Hand Spliced or manually spliced, and mechanically spliced wire rope slings.

Endless Wire Rope Slings

Endless wire rope slings are fashioned from galvanized 6×19 or 6×37 constructs of wire rope. Conventionally endless slings are made from a single component wire rope, spliced manually with a 6 tuck joint. Used for hoisting in a vertical lift and basket hitch forms.

Multipart Wire Rope Slings:

Multipart wire rope slings are made up from a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 single part mechanialigncenter” cally spliced wire rope sling legs that are attached to a single circular or oval bridle or ring.

The bridle or ring is made from tempered hardened steel. The bridle is connected to a loop with a reeved thimble. The other end of such multipart slings may be fitted with an assortment of end terminations.

This post was a brief glimpse into the types of wire rope slings. ‘Stay Speltered’, for titbits on the wire rope world.


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