February 4th, 2019

Wire Ropes for Mining Industry

Mining industry laid the foundation of the modern Wire Rope back in 1824, since then Wire Rope has become the single best piece of lifting equipment available. The ropes used in mining are exposed to heavy lifting and deep lowering task where they face a lot of tension and abrasion. Wire ropes must bear such extreme loads and perform satisfactorily under such perilous conditions. Safety and Reliability is paramount as the wire ropes are run through several items such as winches, guides, drums, etc.  Broken ropes can not only cost downtime or equipment damage but could also pose a threat to mine personnel causing fatal injuries.

Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. caters to both Surface & Underground mining application. We offer a diversified DGMS (Director General of Mines safety) certified product range that meets some of the most stringent safety standards. BWR offers a wide range of products in regards to mining applications like hoist, balance, haulage, guide and conveyor wire rope. We also offer drag-line wire ropes and shovel hoist ropes. Our team of in-house experts can help you decide the best product offerings that can enhance your operational capabilities.

BWR uses state of the art manufacturing processes with strict quality control. Our wire rope offerings in the Mining sector are characterized by a ‘Built to last’ paradigm. Bharat Wire Ropes offers wire rope and allied products for a multitude of mining applications.

Surface & Underground Mining applications:

  • Hoist rope
  • Drag rope
  • Shaft ropes
  • Drum hoists

We constantly raise the bar to push our manufacturing capabilities and our engineering innovation to deliver wire ropes that can withstand the toughest conditions and adhere to the strict regulatory standards. We believe to establish a long term relationship through exceeding our client expectation by virtue of our core values and diligent manufacturing ethics.


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