September 6th, 2017

Wire Ropes for Oil & Gas Industry

Wire rope and their applications have evolved over a period of time. The evolution in terms of design has gone hand in hand with requirements of industries. Among the many industries that utilize steel wire ropes, the Oil & Gas industries have seen greatest advances.

Wire Ropes for Oil and Gas Industry

Technological advances in exploration and drilling technology, in the offshore and land based operations, have led the spur in demand. Innovation drives growth for demand of wire ropes in this sector. This demand seems like it is geographically centred, around and off the Arabian Gulf region and also emanates from many of the Emirate States of the United Arab Emirates. There has been a steady and continuous demand for products designed for the land based drilling operations in the UAE as well as other crude producing geostrategic locations.

Design and innovation of wire ropes in Oil and Gas sector :

In general steel wire rope has multiple applications in the offshore Oil & Gas operations. Primarily Offshore operations typically witness a multitude of hostility factors like the weather and rough seas. Steel wire ropes have seen good inputs over a few decades in the form of innovative and constructive designs.

Oil and gas sector employs Galvanized products. Galvanization lends a degree of resistance to corrosion. Lubrication is another key factor, in this demanding field. Cyclical and periodic maintenance of the wire ropes helps keep slow degradation in check.

Steel wire rope used for offshore and land based hoisting operations with cranes require special types of wire rope. Usage of wire rope in hoisting applications sees a degree of rotation depending on the loads hoisted. Rotation resistant 4 strand, and 8 strand wire ropes are used in applications that require the use of cranes.

Innovations in Wire ropes for Oil & Gas industry:

There has been an impetus on research and development of wire ropes for the Oil and Gas industry. Newer more innovative solutions have included the inclusion of polymer reinforced cores along with conventional steel wire cores. Combinatorial construction methods have employed a mix of multiple processes like swaging, compaction, and tube coating. Lubrication research has seen innovation in the form of newer variants of foam based lubrication, penetrating greases and innovative petrochemical additives.

Applications in Oil & Gas sector:

Here are just a few listed applications in the Oil & Gas industry.

  • Drill Stays
  • Deep Sea Guide Rope
  • Riser Tensioner Lines
  • Deep Sea Anchor Lines
  • Offshore Winch ropes

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