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Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd is the leading wire ropes manufacturing company in India, and has been consistently catering to the needs of the mining industry with its high quality wire rope offerings. The highly diversified product range includes hoist ropes, balance wire ropes, haulage wire ropes, guide & rubbing wire ropes, conveyor wire ropes, electric wire rope hoist, drag-line wire rope, drag ropes & shovel hoist wire ropes. The manufacturing process makes use of best-in-class machinery at our state-of-the-art facilities. Built to last, they are a hallmark of our manufacturing and innovation capabilities, designed to exceed customer expectations in every way. Our expert team of wire rope specialists is available to service all your needs with regards to any operational difficulties that you may encounter.

Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. has a vast supplier network which has a PAN India presence, and the wire ropes distributor network is spread across the globe.

Sr. NoProduct Name
6x37 Class
Class 8x37SF(12-12-6F-6-1)+ IWRC
6x7 (6/1)
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