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Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. manufactures an assorted array of Wire Rope Slings for your hoisting, harness and fastening needs. We are one of the leading names in the manufacture of wire rope slings in India and around the world.

BWR specializes in manufacturing bespoke Wire Rope Slings in Hand Spliced, Mechanically Spliced and Socketed Wire Rope Sling categories.



The wire rope is unwound and the wire strand components are usually tucked or spliced to form a Flemish loop. The loop may be further secured into place using Aluminium or Steel Ferrules.

Hand Spliced Slings Manufacturers
Mechanically spliced

A mechanically spliced wire rope sling is fabricated using an Aluminium, Copper or Steel Ferrule to securely lock in place, the splice junction. The difference here is that the Ferrule is swaged into place using a die based hydraulic swaging press, exerting a staggering 3000 tons of force.

Mechanically Spliced Slings Manufacturers
Socketed Slings

The individual wires of the strands are opened up to form a broom. This broom is inserted into the socket. Molten Zinc is poured into the broom to lock in the joint to form a Spelter lock for Spelter sockets. Alternatively, Wire Locking Resin may also be used to accomplish the lock.

Socketed Wire Rope Slings Manufacturers
Sr. NoProduct Name
1 Single Part Slings
2 Multiple Leg Slings
3 Endless Slings