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Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. manufactures all types of wire rope slings that are customized as per your needs. We are the leading wire rope sling manufacturers in the country with a strong presence in the domestic market.

The hand-spliced sling is made by pushing a wire rope strand against an adjacent strand with or without a ferrule. Mechanically spliced slings, on the other hand, compulsorily make use of an aluminum ferrule or a steel sleeve which is inserted at the ends to ensure that they stay put to the body of the string. A special die based hydraulic swaging press is utilized to make sure that the sleeve remains firmly in place.

Socketed wire rope slings are manufactured by pouring melted zinc into the sockets of individual wires that make up the wire rope or strand.



Tucking or locking the wire rope strand under the other adjacent strand with or without thimble.

Hand Spliced Slings Manufacturers
Mechanically spliced

Mechanically spliced sling is fabricated by using metal sleeve (aluminum ferrule or Steel sleeve) is slipped over the ends and pressed to secure the ends to the sling body. Hydraulic swaging press with special dies is uded to bond the sleeve in place. We propose to set up 3000 ton press covering 6 mm to 76mm sling

Mechanically Spliced Slings Manufacturers

Wires of wire rope or strand are opened up and melted zinc is poured in socket after inserting opened wires in socket for bonding of opened wires into socket. Thickness range of ropes / strand shall be upto 125 mm

Socketed Wire Rope Slings Manufacturers
Sr. NoProduct Name
1 Single Part Slings
2 Multiple Leg Slings
3 Endless Slings