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A Wire rope is composed of several strands twisted together in a helical fashion. Arranged around a central independent core, Strands may be made of one or more steel wires. Popular types of wire ropes include high carbon stainless steel wire ropes, swaged wire ropes, combination wire ropes, cushion-core wire ropes, compacted wire ropes, and non rotating ropes. Wire Ropes are found to exhibit any one of the following lay characteristics- right hand lay, left hand lay and lang lay.

Industries / Applications

Oil & Gas

Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. comprehensively caters to the various needs of the oil and gas sector with its wide range of wire rope product offerings. Our high quality wire ropes are characterized by high strength, and are used in onshore/offshore exploration drilling rigs, land-based exploration drilling rigs, and oil & gas well servicing amongst others.


Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. produces a wide variety of mining ropes like hoist ropes, balance wire ropes, haulage wire ropes, conveyor wire ropes, drag-line wire ropes, etc. All of our mining ropes exhibit remarkable resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

Structural Ropes

Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. manufactures an extensive range of structural wire ropes for the building of different kinds of suspension bridges, roof structures, glass walls and other small and large structures. Our most popular variety of structural wire rope in the domestic market is the stainless steel wire rope, which we also export to Europe, Middle East and United States of America.


Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. manufactures a wide variety of telescopic mobile crane ropes, compacted wire ropes, swaged ropes, four stranded ropes, bulk unloader crane ropes that cater to the diverse needs of the cranes & lifting industry. Our vast range of wire ropes is known for their high strength and superior performance.


Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. has been consistently catering to the diverse requirements of the marine industry with its wide variety of product offerings such as combination ropes, trawl warps, purse wires, harbor, escort and ocean towing wires. All of our products are made of superior quality material and exhibit high resistance to corrosion.


Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. manufactures a wide range of elevator wire ropes, governor ropes and hoist ropes that exhibit outstanding flexibility and grip characteristics. Our ropes are rigorously tested for quality at our in-house testing centers to ensure that they adhere to global standards.


Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. manufactures a wide range of general engineering ropes that are primarily used in the lifting and sling-making industry. We are particularly oriented towards offering customized products for our esteemed clientele comprising of major domestic and international companies.


Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd, has consistently proven itself to be one of the most reliable names in the manufacture of Steel Wire Ropes for the Shipping industry. We have been providing high quality, Class A corrosion resistant products for rigorous applications like ship mooring. Over a period of years, we have honed in on the quality aspects of our products designed for the shipping industry. Bharat Wire Ropes Ltd. providing uncompromised quality at best in class value.