Marine Ropes

BWR Marine Ropes

Bharat Wire Ropes Limited produces a range of marine ropes available in a variety of sizes, constructions and grades. Made using the finest material, our marine wire ropes find applications for a range of marine operations that include rigging, towing, ship mooring, fishing, sewage treatment plants, etc. All of our wire ropes are designed to withstand the extremely harsh marine environment by virtue of their high strength and corrosion resistant features and low elongation characteristics.

Our Marine Wire Ropes come in a variety of diameter specifications and tensile grades to suit your requirement. We are one of the foremost marine wire rope suppliers and distributors in India, and boast of a strong international presence as well.

 Marine Wire Ropes produced by BWRL are known for their superior performance under the very harsh saltwater environment, and hence can be considered as Your Trusted Partner at Sea.  Moreover, we also have an expert technical team at hand to guide you through any kind of difficulties that you may encounter during the course of operations. All of our wire ropes adhere to the strictest quality standards and come with BIS, MMD approval, amongst others. At BWRL, we believe in offering our customers the best-in-class value proposition, paving the way for the establishment of a long-lasting relationship.

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