Wire rope socketed sling

  • Elevators
    • drive wire rope
    • governor wire rope
    • hoist wire rope
    • redundancy based safety wire ropes
  • Cranes
    • Bulk unloader cranes
    • Overhead hoist/ gantry cranes
    • Tower cranes
    • Derrick cranes
  • General Purpose
    • Passenger haulage
    • Drill stays
    • Freight stays
    • Runway arresting gear
    • Cross deck pendants
    • Winch systems
  • Structural
    • Structural support systems
    • Suspension and vertical lift bridges
    • Suspended roof structures
    • Structural and pedestrian foot bridges
    • Mast and tower stays
    • Wind turbine stays
  • Fishing
    • Hoist rope
    • Drag rope
    • Shaft ropes
    • Drum hoists
  • Oil & Gas
    • Off shore drilling rigs
    • land based drilling rigs
    • Deep sea guide lines
    • Drill stays
  • Shipping
    • Ship mooring wire ropes
    • Deep Sea towing and tug lines
    • Derrick cranes
    • Purse wire ropes
  • Mining
  • Logging & Forestry

Wire rope socketed sling

A wire rope sling is used for different lifting and rigging applications. Wire rope can be used both as a static support system or it can be used to help move an object or load. Using this type of rope as support could look like putting it on suspension bridges or towers. Wire rope slings can be attached to cranes to help lift and move heavy duty loads in a safe and controlled way.


Better efficiency.
Strong sustainability


BWR owns a dedicated Rigging shop to carry out the socketing of wire rope.
Skilled labour enables BWR to deliver immaculate and efficient socketed sling.