• Drive Wire Rope
  • Governor Wire Rope
  • Hoist Wire Rope
  • Redundancy Based Safety Wire Ropes


  • Bulk Unloader Cranes
  • Overhead Hoist/ Gantry Cranes
  • Tower Cranes
  • Derrick Cranes

General Purpose

  • Passenger Haulage
  • Drill Stays
  • Freight Stays
  • Runway Arresting Gear
  • Cross Deck Pendants
  • Winch Systems


  • Structural Support Systems
  • Suspension And Vertical Lift Bridges
  • Suspended Roof Structures
  • Structural And Pedestrian Foot Bridges
  • Mast And Tower Stays
  • Wind Turbine Stays


  • Hoist Rope
  • Drag Rope
  • Shaft Ropes
  • Drum Hoists

Oil & Gas

  • Off Shore Drilling Rigs
  • Land Based Drilling Rigs
  • Deep Sea Guide Lines
  • Drill Stays


  • Ship Mooring Wire Ropes
  • Deep Sea Towing And Tug Lines
  • Derrick Cranes
  • Purse Wire Ropes


Logging & Forestry

BWR offers a comprehensive selection of wire rope products to meet the varied requirements of the elevator industry. Our wire ropes are designed to provide high strength and endurance, making them ideal for demanding applications such as hoisting and governor systems. We take great care in developing our wire ropes to ensure they exhibit exceptional flexibility and grip characteristics, allowing for smooth and efficient operation. With our extensive range of wire rope options, elevator companies can confidently choose the right wire rope for their specific needs. At BWR, we're committed to delivering the highest quality wire ropes to our customers. All of our wire ropes undergo rigorous testing at our in-house testing centers to ensure they meet global standards. Our testing procedures include mechanical and non-destructive testing to ensure the wire ropes are safe and reliable. Our customers can rest assured that our wire ropes will perform to their exacting standards, thanks to our commitment to quality and safety. With BWR wire ropes, elevator companies can have confidence in the safety and reliability of their systems.