Socketed Slings


The individual wires of the strands are opened up to form a broom. This broom is inserted into the socket. Molten Zinc is poured into the broom to lock in the joint to form a Spelter lock for Spelter sockets. Alternatively, Wire Locking Resin may also be used to accomplish the lock.

Sr. No. Product Name Product Image
1 Wire rope socketed sling
  • Elevators
    • Drive Wire Rope
    • Governor Wire Rope
    • Hoist Wire Rope
    • Redundancy Based Safety Wire Ropes
  • Cranes
    • Bulk Unloader Cranes
    • Overhead Hoist/ Gantry Cranes
    • Tower Cranes
    • Derrick Cranes
  • General Purpose
    • Passenger Haulage
    • Drill Stays
    • Freight Stays
    • Runway Arresting Gear
    • Cross Deck Pendants
    • Winch Systems
  • Structural
    • Structural Support Systems
    • Suspension And Vertical Lift Bridges
    • Suspended Roof Structures
    • Structural And Pedestrian Foot Bridges
    • Mast And Tower Stays
    • Wind Turbine Stays
  • Fishing
    • Hoist Rope
    • Drag Rope
    • Shaft Ropes
    • Drum Hoists
  • Oil & Gas
    • Off Shore Drilling Rigs
    • Land Based Drilling Rigs
    • Deep Sea Guide Lines
    • Drill Stays
  • Shipping
    • Ship Mooring Wire Ropes
    • Deep Sea Towing And Tug Lines
    • Derrick Cranes
    • Purse Wire Ropes
  • Mining
  • Logging & Forestry