Galvanized Wires


Galvanised wires steel wire coated in a layer of zinc. The coating helps protect the steel from moisture in the air to prevent the wire rope from being susceptible to rust. This type of wire is ideal for use in marine locations where the wire rope is exposed to wet, damp and humid conditions. Our capabilities enable us to give class A, AB, C class coating sanding from wire size of 0.3 mm - 5.5 mm wires 

Sr. No. Product Name Product Image
1 Galvanised Wire
  • Elevators
    • Drive Wire Rope
    • Governor Wire Rope
    • Hoist Wire Rope
    • Redundancy Based Safety Wire Ropes
  • Cranes
    • Bulk Unloader Cranes
    • Overhead Hoist/ Gantry Cranes
    • Tower Cranes
    • Derrick Cranes
  • General Purpose
    • Passenger Haulage
    • Drill Stays
    • Freight Stays
    • Runway Arresting Gear
    • Cross Deck Pendants
    • Winch Systems
  • Structural
    • Structural Support Systems
    • Suspension And Vertical Lift Bridges
    • Suspended Roof Structures
    • Structural And Pedestrian Foot Bridges
    • Mast And Tower Stays
    • Wind Turbine Stays
  • Fishing
    • Hoist Rope
    • Drag Rope
    • Shaft Ropes
    • Drum Hoists
  • Oil & Gas
    • Off Shore Drilling Rigs
    • Land Based Drilling Rigs
    • Deep Sea Guide Lines
    • Drill Stays
  • Shipping
    • Ship Mooring Wire Ropes
    • Deep Sea Towing And Tug Lines
    • Derrick Cranes
    • Purse Wire Ropes
  • Mining
  • Logging & Forestry