Galvanised Wire

  • Elevators
    • drive wire rope
    • governor wire rope
    • hoist wire rope
    • redundancy based safety wire ropes
  • Cranes
    • Bulk unloader cranes
    • Overhead hoist/ gantry cranes
    • Tower cranes
    • Derrick cranes
  • General Purpose
    • Passenger haulage
    • Drill stays
    • Freight stays
    • Runway arresting gear
    • Cross deck pendants
    • Winch systems
  • Structural
    • Structural support systems
    • Suspension and vertical lift bridges
    • Suspended roof structures
    • Structural and pedestrian foot bridges
    • Mast and tower stays
    • Wind turbine stays
  • Fishing
    • Hoist rope
    • Drag rope
    • Shaft ropes
    • Drum hoists
  • Oil & Gas
    • Off shore drilling rigs
    • land based drilling rigs
    • Deep sea guide lines
    • Drill stays
  • Shipping
    • Ship mooring wire ropes
    • Deep Sea towing and tug lines
    • Derrick cranes
    • Purse wire ropes
  • Mining
  • Logging & Forestry

Galvanised Wire

Galvanized wire is used in many different industries due to its durability. These wires are available in the size range of 0.3mm to 6mm in diameter


Galvanized wire is strong, rust-resistant and multi-purposeful.

For Fastners, Chainlink, Wire Netting, Agriculture, wire rope making, etc


An anti-rust shielded zinc metal coating makes the wire rust-resistant.

Highly flexible and ductile in nature

Better Tensile strength &  Young's modulus