Earth Wire

  • Elevators
    • drive wire rope
    • governor wire rope
    • hoist wire rope
    • redundancy based safety wire ropes
  • Cranes
    • Bulk unloader cranes
    • Overhead hoist/ gantry cranes
    • Tower cranes
    • Derrick cranes
  • General Purpose
    • Passenger haulage
    • Drill stays
    • Freight stays
    • Runway arresting gear
    • Cross deck pendants
    • Winch systems
  • Structural
    • Structural support systems
    • Suspension and vertical lift bridges
    • Suspended roof structures
    • Structural and pedestrian foot bridges
    • Mast and tower stays
    • Wind turbine stays
  • Fishing
    • Hoist rope
    • Drag rope
    • Shaft ropes
    • Drum hoists
  • Oil & Gas
    • Off shore drilling rigs
    • land based drilling rigs
    • Deep sea guide lines
    • Drill stays
  • Shipping
    • Ship mooring wire ropes
    • Deep Sea towing and tug lines
    • Derrick cranes
    • Purse wire ropes
  • Mining
  • Logging & Forestry

Earth Wire

Earth Wire is used as the medium to transfer the leakage of current if any from metallic body to the earth to prevent the shock.


Protection against electric overload
Prevents damages and injury


Galvanizing prevents and reduces rusting of the base steel.
Flexible then normal steel wire.

MBL Data Sheet

Construction and other properties of galvanized steel earth strand
Wire Size (D)Nominal33.15
Minimum Tensile Strength (N/mm2)Before Stranding981110013109811100
After Stranding931105012609311050
Torsion of Wire on 100XDBefore StrandingMin:20Min:20
After StrandingMin:18Min:18
Wrap Test on WireNo wire breakage during the testNo wire breakage during the test
Elongation of wire (on 200mm gauge length) in percentBefore StrandingMin:4Min:4
After StrandingMin:3.5Min:3.5
In Coating on WiresAmount of Coating (gm/m2)Before StrandingMin:240Min:240
After StrandingMin:228Min:228
In Coating On WiresUniformity of Coating (gm/m2)Before StrandingMin:3 dips of 1 minuteMin:3dips of 1 minute
After StrandingMin:2 dips of 1 minute and 1 dips of 1/2 minuteMin:2 dips of 1 minute and 1 dips of 1/2 minute
Lay and Lay Length of Galvanized Steel Earth Strand (mm)RHMin:108RHMin:113.4
Minimum Breaking Force of Galvanized Steel Earth Strand (Kn)43.74958.348.254
Aproximate Mass per km of Galvanized Steel Earth Strand (kg)386426
Maximum d.c. resistance in ohm, per km of the galvanized steel earth strand at 20 (Degree symbol)C