• Drive Wire Rope
  • Governor Wire Rope
  • Hoist Wire Rope
  • Redundancy Based Safety Wire Ropes


  • Bulk Unloader Cranes
  • Overhead Hoist/ Gantry Cranes
  • Tower Cranes
  • Derrick Cranes

General Purpose

  • Passenger Haulage
  • Drill Stays
  • Freight Stays
  • Runway Arresting Gear
  • Cross Deck Pendants
  • Winch Systems


  • Structural Support Systems
  • Suspension And Vertical Lift Bridges
  • Suspended Roof Structures
  • Structural And Pedestrian Foot Bridges
  • Mast And Tower Stays
  • Wind Turbine Stays


  • Hoist Rope
  • Drag Rope
  • Shaft Ropes
  • Drum Hoists

Oil & Gas

  • Off Shore Drilling Rigs
  • Land Based Drilling Rigs
  • Deep Sea Guide Lines
  • Drill Stays


  • Ship Mooring Wire Ropes
  • Deep Sea Towing And Tug Lines
  • Derrick Cranes
  • Purse Wire Ropes


Logging & Forestry

 INDIROPE - 6x25F(12-6F-6-1)+IWRC

 ALSO AVAILABLE IN 8xK36WS (14-7+7-7-1)

  • Primary emphasis to abrasion resistance
  • High crush & heat resistant
  • Specially lubricated
  • RHO (Right hand ordinary lay)
  • LHO (Left hand ordinary lay)
  • RHL (Right hand Langs lay)
  • LHL (Left hand Langs lay)
  • Galvanized
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